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The objective of “Earth Day 50 Live – Climate Crisis Concert” (ED50L – CCC) is to raise awareness regarding pressing global humanitarian and ecological issues, and one of its concrete action plans, in partnership with OWF Foundation, is to solicit donations from the public to provide OWF Humanitarian Kits to people living in extreme poverty and unclean conditions. OWF is one of ED50L’s GPS (Global Problem Solvers) program’s premier global solutions.

ED50L – CCC is led by Mr. Doug Ivanovich whose team has successfully produced or participated in the production, broadcast and/or distribution of the world’s largest humanitarian events, including Live Aid (2.2 billion viewers), Farm Aid I & II, UN Earth Summit Rio, World Environment Day (1.5 billion viewers), Papal Prayer for Peace (1.4 billion viewers), as well as many commercial shows, such as the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Emmy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, MTV & VH1 Awards, New Year’s Eve Times Square New York, Super Bowl Half-Time Shows, Opening & Closing Olympics Ceremonies, and many more of the world’s highest profile broadcast events. 

The target audience for ED50L – CCC is over three (3) billion viewers, which would make it the largest concert and broadcast of any kind in history. At this time thirty-seven (37) cities are interested in hosting ED50L – CCC events. Some have confirmed their desire to make history and participate in this massive global concert and broadcast. Interested cities include Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta, Hanoi, Mumbai, UAE (Abu Dhabi or Dubai), Manama, Riyadh, Moscow, Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, Istanbul, Cape Town, Lagos, Berlin, London, Dublin, Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Toronto, New York, Miami, Kingston, Mexico City, Los Angeles, and Honolulu. OWF Foundation is contributing to the organization of ED50L – CCC concert venues in Manila, Jakarta, Bangkok, Mumbai, UAE, Riyadh, Dar es Salaam, Cape Town, Lagos, Mexico City, Bogota, Buenos Aires and Dublin, and others.


If you are a dignitary, well known personality, corporation or foundation that would like to contribute or be involved with ED50L – CCC or to participate in a 2 to 3-minute interview with ED50L – CCC to voice your concerns and put forward your agenda and/or solutions to help save the Earth and the human race, please contact us for details.

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