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Judy is the President and Founder of One World Filter (OWF) Foundation. She has over 26 years experience working in various businesses around the world. Judy lived and worked in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore from 1995 to 2004, and from 1995 to the present, has been engaged in several business startups throughout Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and North America. She has extensive experience in marketing and sales, business development, product design and manufacturing, logistics, and has a passion for interior design. In 2004, Judy received NLOWE’s Female Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

For over 15 years, Judy has been pursuing her other humanitarian passions, one of which is to help solve the global drinking water crisis, which affects billions of people daily. She has travelled to remote villages throughout the world and has first-hand knowledge of what life is like for many people living in extreme poverty, especially women with young children. As a single mom of four sons, Judy has always felt the need to help where she could in her business dealings, giving opportunities to mom entrepreneurs like herself. Judy’s personal experience of contracting a water borne illnesses during a trip to a remote area of the Philippines in which she endured 3 weeks of confinement and medical treatment was an eye opener. She eventually realized that the most fundamental step in eradicating poverty is providing safe and affordable drinking water.

The cost of treating Judy’s water borne illnesses amounted to hundreds of dollars which included doctor visits, blood work, and medication. In most countries, such cost could easily equate to 1 to 2 month’s salary for the average worker. This illness-poverty trap becomes a quagmire that is hard to get out of. With this main problem in mind, Judy saw that the primary solution was a water filtration system that can filter any kind of fresh water – lake, river, pond, well, or rain – at a cost that almost everyone can afford. Key to this technology is being able to filter water without the use of electricity or a pressure system, which is ideal for poverty-stricken areas which have no electricity and are lacking in basic infrastructure like municipal water.

In early 2017, Judy’s prayers were answered. She met Dr. Evan Koslow, the world’s foremost water filtration expert. The two of them hit it off instantaneously and Dr. Koslow was totally in sync with Judy’s vision. Their meeting was timely since Dr. Koslow had just finished inventing a revolutionary nano-technology based gravity flow filtration system which produced safe drinking water at the least cost in comparison to existing technologies. Judy named Dr. Koslow’s nano filter system the “One World Filter” believing it to be a universal filter to suit the needs of the world and immediately gathered a team of like-minded humanitarians and business associates across the world who shared her vision. The team then developed a plan with Dr. Koslow to distribute his water filtration products globally under the OWF Trademark. Soon afterwards, Judy renamed her previous NGO called H2O Foundation into OWF Foundation.

As the Founder and President of OWF Foundation, Judy will focus her team’s efforts to get much needed support from World Leaders, Corporations, Foundations, and High Net Worth Individuals to assist in raising funds and in getting commitments for its Water for All Initiative. Execution of the Water for All Initiative entails sourcing OWF Humanitarian Kits at wholesale price from strategically located 27 Country Group Distributors and supplying the said Kits to OWF Foundation partner NGO’s with “boots on the ground” which will then distribute the Kits to their intended recipients. OWF Foundation is also mandated to assist in global natural disaster relief whenever possible.


Bruce contributes his vast experience and passion for delivering quality healthcare. He founded Blausen Medical in 1991 to meet the growing commercial and educational need for more accessible methods of illustrating and animating medical processes and functions. As the developer and owner of the world’s largest library of 3D medical animations, Blausen Medical Communications is known for its high standard of excellence in scientific and medical accuracy. It creates masterpieces that explain difficult concepts with exceptional clarity.

Today, Blausen Medical makes its extensive library content, consisting of over 1,800 topics, available for multiple platforms. The award-winning animation library is now used in every country around the world and has been translated in more than 20 languages. Blausen’s latest endeavour includes developing educational Virtual Reality (VR) apps using the extensive stock library.

Bruce’s vision is to help alleviate fears and concerns for patients worldwide. He watched his own mother struggle to comprehend medical treatments and knew that there were others exactly like her. He has carried out many charitable acts to serve others and give back to the

world in different ways. Bruce and his team consistently provide content pro bono to those without the financial means to license the animation. In fact, he has contributed over 1,000 images to Wikipedia. Bruce has also donated his library to the Penn State University and the University of Texas, each at a value of approximately 25 million dollars. He is always willing to help companies which strive to make the world a better place via collaborative efforts in whatever way possible.

Bruce’s company and its products have received over 40 honors, including the 2013 Platinum Award for Best Interactive Site and Gold Award for Best Mobile Communications in the eHealthcare Leadership Awards. Blausen Medical has also been conferred with numerous Web Health Awards and with an ABBY Award from the Adaptive Business Leaders Organization for developing innovations that reduce the cost of quality healthcare.

Bruce holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Bachelor of Art degree from Pennsylvania State University. He earned his Master of Arts in Medical and Biological Illustration from Johns Hopkins University


Brian contributes his extensive international private and government sector business experience to the OWF Foundation Team. Brian oversees the global team of advisors at Infinity Squared, where he helps clients navigate complex commercial, diplomatic, and humanitarian affairs. Through his work advising business executives, investors, diplomats, and heads of state, Brian has travelled and worked in more than 40 countries across five continents, with broad experience throughout Africa.

Some of his favourite projects have brought electricity to rural communities in Eastern Europe, clean water to remote parts of West Africa, microfinance institutions to Southern Africa, and streamlined humanitarian funding to Central America.

Brian’s work combines big picture thinking with detailed execution and has led to numerous multi-million dollar investments and project budgets in areas ranging from agriculture, energy, transportation, healthcare, education, environmental protection, humanitarian disaster response, and corporate social responsibility. Brian maintains relationships across financial, diplomatic, and humanitarian networks and serves on many corporate boards and brings the same governance ethos and strategic planning to the non-profit sector.


Evan is a prolific inventor and entrepreneur who has built companies in the consumer products, defense, and publishing industries and created numerous technologies over a career of 40 years. He is the inventor of a majority of the household water filter technologies found in today’s market (the end-of-tap carbon block water filter, refrigerator water filters, the “CTO” carbon block) as well as many of the fundamental materials used in the filtration industry such as scale-control resins, extruded activated carbon block, flat-sheet carbon media, mass-produced Nano fibers by fibrillation and direct dielectrophoretic spinning, and adsorption-intensified structures.

He has 71 issued U.S. patents and has written hundreds of papers and articles. He was the founder of KX Industries, a joint venture with EXXON Chemical Company, and the inventor of extruded carbon block for consumer water filters, which today is a roughly $3.0 Billion dollar retail industry. Evan is also the inventor of products and processes in the chemical industry, water treatment resins, consumer products, natural gas production, production of nanofibers, producing composites, chemical engineering (mass transfer machines), and more. Some of his patents are assigned to companies such as Pall Corporation, Arkema Inc., Watts Industries, and EXXON Chemical Company. Evan was the first Editor-in-Chief of the NBC Defense and Technology Journal and spent many years in the field of providing defense against Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical agents. He is an expert on filtration, activated carbon, and specialty adsorbents used to purify air, water, or commercial fluids.

Evan’s education includes Yale University BA Engineering & Applied Science Cum Laude, Yale University MFS and Cornell University Ph.D. Agronomy/Agricultural Engineering. Evan’s legacy is his invention of the One World Filter System which will solve the global drinking water crisis by providing everyone on our planet access to safe affordable drinking water.


Carole Joyce is a talented filmmaker, photographer, and producer. She has devoted her career and charity work supporting other artists bring their projects to fruition. After graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography, she went to work for Studio Film & Tape and worked her way up the ranks to become Vice President, guiding the company to sales of over $10 million a year. During her career at Studio Film & Tape, she was instrumental in the company’s efforts to provide discounted film stock to filmmakers, which helped give rise to the explosion of independent filmmaking. 

Carole is an award-winning filmmaker for her documentary, “Survivors”, and also produced the series “Filmmakers”, which is now in the national archives of California, USA. As a television producer, Carole has overseen the production of more than 150 shows for cable television, including “Healthstyles”, which was used as a concept on Oprah Winfrey. While with Garamella / Fitzgerald Advertising Agency, Carole developed projects for young filmmakers David Fincher, Jessie Dylan and Mark Romanic.  She has worked with Edgar J. Scherick, former President of Fox, in developing network shows. 

Carole is currently the CEO of Authentic Vision Consulting, Inc. and a board member of the non-profit From the Heart Productions, Inc. Authentic Vision is a management consulting firm for start-ups and early-stage companies, which assists CEOs and their companies with strategic planning and finance. From the Heart Productions is a 501(c)3 non-profit which since 1993 has helped filmmakers with unique projects that make a contribution to society get funding. 


Clarissa Burt is an award-winning international media personality,
producer, director, author, public speaker and supermodel.
With hundreds of television and film credits to her name, this
Who’s Who of International American and American Women brings 30
years of broadcast industry experience in both International and American
markets. Her brainchild In the Limelight Media is an online multimedia
portal consisting of video/podcast/digital magazine provides educative,
entertaining and empowering content the savvy entrepreneur with a social

Her signature beauty, wellness and lifestyle brand celebrates women through her signature for pillar philosophy; look good, feel good, be good, greater good. Clarissa’s book The Self-Regime is due for fall 2019 distribution.

Ms. Burt’s extensive social work garnered her to private audiences with Pope John Paul II. As a woman’s advocate and leader of social change for a new standard of living, Clarissa was instrumental as Ambassador to United States for the Walking Africa campaign toward African women the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011. Clarissa is the first American to present on live Russian television at the Kremlin. She was recently given the Woman of Excellence Award by the Women’s Economic Forum.


Annette Browne brings twenty years of financial and operational experience into her new role as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of OWF Foundation. Annette spent majority of her career working her way up the ladder in her family’s business, starting out as a delivery driver for Browne’s Auto Supplies, to administrative assistant, to accountant and book keeper, to controller, to director of human resources, and eventually to CFO, a position she held for fifteen years. As CFO of Browne’s Auto Supplies, she was instrumental in supporting the CEO in the formulation of the company’s business strategy, which was backed by detailed financial recording and analysis. During her fifteen-year role as the CFO of the family business, the company’s revenue tripled and expenditures decreased by five percent, resulting in a boost in gross profit margins by two percent. In 2018, Annette decided to sell her interest in the family business and set up Browne Financial, as boutique advisory firm which she fully owns and operates. As the founder and CEO of Browne Financial, Annette channels her vast experience, passion and skills to help clients grow their businesses and make informed financial decisions by advising them on their accounting, human resources, and other business needs.

With a keen eye for detail and years of well-rounded hands-on experience in family enterprise and entrepreneurship, Annette will be the backbone of OWF Foundation’s goal to be a financially lean and mean organization in order maximize financial resources for those who need it most – every man, woman, and child living in poverty in need of safe and affordable drinking water.

Outside of work, Annette spent ten years doing volunteer work as Treasurer of Campia Gymnastics and Director and Treasurer at Mount Pearl Sports Alliance where she was instrumental in implementing revenue generating fundraisers as well as imposing cost saving measures, resulting in the shift of the club’s finances from deficits in prior years, to surpluses which resulted in an increase in budget for new equipment by twenty percent.

Annette is a Chartered Professional Accountant and has a Bachelor of Business Administration, a Certificate in Criminology, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Memorial University of Newfoundland.


Christina Steele-Nash is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of OWF Foundation. Before joining OWF Foundation, Christina spent eight years as a producer and CEO at Skeet Shoot Films, and most recently as a Project Coordinator at Seafair Capital. Prior to Seafair Capital, Christina served as production manager for various local production companies where she planned, coordinated, implemented, and assigned manpower to meet aggressive production schedules. She drove daily production activities with effective leadership and communication at these companies.

Throughout her career, Christina has been a successful and versatile project manager taking on diverse project tasks to accomplish tight deadlines, highly adept at managing expectations and cultivating relationships. In the process, she has helped numerous people and organizations transform ideas into practical, usable, and scalable solutions. 

As COO, Christina will direct the operations of the OWF Foundation’s critical programs, ensuring resources are properly utilized to best achieve the foundation’s mission. She will also work with the executive leadership team to ensure the organization’s effective planning and execution against key strategic goals. Christina is a natural leader with a drive to serve people and communities. She will play a vital role in positioning OWF Foundation for success as it debuts to serve the global community in February 2020.

Christina has been involved in numerous community projects. She is currently an Ambassador for St. John’s Board of Trade. She is the Chair of the Board at West End Community Alliance, a member of the Executive Board of Directors at Newfoundland & Labrador Folk Arts Society, a founding Board Member at A1C Fine Art Gallery, a Director of the Board at Eastern Edge Art Gallery and at Resource Center for the Arts, LSPU Hall.

In Christina’s own words: “After a successful career operating effectively in challenging, fast-paced environments and collaborating with team members and customers of various backgrounds, I am thrilled to join the OWF Foundation and channel my leadership skills and vast experience to change lives, communities and the world. OWF Foundation is a perfect example of the potential that can be achieved when we focus on providing clean water and sanitation to every man, woman, and child in every community, including the most vulnerable populations in the hardest-to-reach places.”

Christina has two professional certifications, one an internationally recognized Project Management Professional program from the University of Toronto, and another in Event Planning from Mount Royal University. In her spare time, Christina enjoys listening to music, cooking, spending time with her family, and serving her community. She is based in St. John’s, Newfoundland.


Serial entrepreneur, die hard environmentalist, philanthropist, visionary, inventor. Founded over 16 companies of which was a major exit. Inder’s US based incubator’s current projects include Zygor Energy, Kacen Water, Zygo Spark Plugs, Zycara, and EduIndia

As an environmentalist, Inder is invested heavily in environmental technologies, one of which is Zygo Spark Plugs which developed an intelligent spark plug that cuts emissions in gasoline vehicles by up to 50% and saves fuel anywhere from 10-25%. Zygo Spark Plugs will be launched in India in January 2020. Another company of his has been developing electric motor technology that will increase the distance travelled by Electric Vehicles (EV) by 2-3 times. This technology is currently undergoing testing stage. Inder is also launching a major water initiative in India using OWF technology to bring affordable and best quality drinking water to rural India. This project will start in January 2020. Back in the 1990s, Inder was part of an energy saving initiative in the hospitality industry that changed 2 million incandescent bulbs to energy efficient lamps.

Inder has dedicated 50% of his income to philanthropic initiatives. He works with NITi Aayog, government of India to bring cutting edge technologies related to environment, education, and health to the people of India. For healthcare, Inder is part of a hospital by Sai Baba Trust in Bangalore which provides specialist medical treatments to patients free of charge. He is also instrumental in getting a hospital he is involved in to provide free heart treatment and surgeries for kids in his home town in India. His family also renovated a very old temple in his home village which is visited by thousands of people in India.

Inder has been living with his wife and two kids in the US since 1982.

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